Home & Light under control with WiOO Switch patended technology


A sophisticated algorithm to manage each individual LED


Extend the control to create an harmony of lights


A powerful network to interact with several lighting points

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Imagining different ways to solve a problem is an essential component of innovation.

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    Digital evolution involves all areas closest to people, society, home, work, and life.

    Our goal is to support this process by contributing our expertise to make the technological approach friendly, enjoyable, and useful. In this way the innovative design becomes a tool to improve the world around us.

    With a young and passionate team, we take care of all the steps in the process, from ideation to software and hardware development, from prototyping to production.

    As Apple Developer, Apple MFi Product Plan Owner, and Apple MFi Software Auth Service Provider we collaborate with companies that are looking for a partner for projects with innovative design and features in the vast world of IOT, both for private and B2B solutions.

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    There is a linear path that converts a concept or idea into a design, considering the different implications. Functionality, aesthetics, ergonomics, all the way to the final goal it must be realized and reproduced with industrial processes. This is our main activity: connecting the dots, looking ahead, designing the innovation and making it accessible in the present.

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    A primary aspect of our work is to understand and evaluate a product before it is made. At WiDesign we use 3D printing technologies, which combined with electronics and software capabilities, allow the creation of perfectly functional prototypes to appreciate their efficiency and funcionality.

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    In product design, the software component is the least visible aspect, which instead takes on a decisive role when it involves projects with digital technologies. The WiDesign team develops the firmware that enables the functionality, the apps that define the interface, to the web pages that communicate and complete the user experience.

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    Not all products are intended to be replicated millions of times, often only a few hundred or thousands are needed. WiDesign can complete the production cycle of a project thanks to our Pick and Place units.